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MNG Customer Reviews (150)

 5     Dianne 09/11/2014
Jan's coffee is still the best of any auto shop I know!
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Wait 'til she brings out the hot chocolate! :)

 5     Richard 09/11/2014
Bryan McNeil is the greatest; and the addition of Brannon was a great move. Both know customer service and do what is right.
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Much thx, Richard! Customer service...priority #1.

 5     Bailey 09/04/2014
Truck ran and rode much better after the repair was finished.
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Great to hear, Terry.

 5     Stephen 08/21/2014
We'll done, as always!
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Thank you, sir!

 5     Anonymous 08/14/2014
The costs are high, but quality work is worth the extra money I spend to keep my vehicles in tip-top shape. Bryan O'Neill is absolutely the best. He truly cares about customer concerns and does the right thing when it comes to customer satisfaction.
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Appreciate your comments. We're committed to delivering Quality & Value and to, as you said perfectly, doing "the right thing!"

 5     Elizabeth 07/24/2014
Thank you. I drive to Mobile for work 2-3 times a week and can really tell a difference- in several ways- which is why I choose you- you are very thorough about things both large and small. I really appreciate the care you show for my car. Bett Zito
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Wow, put your Pathfinder "to the test" every week! Glad you found a home here at Car Cllinic.

 5     Gerald Blake & Wayne 07/24/2014
The past twenty years of my association with Car Clinic has been disappointment free and I really like this. In the repair business this is a rare thing.
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Thx, Gerald & Wayne! We apprecite your business and your trust...for 20 years!

 5     Spider 07/18/2014
Top notch as always!
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Thank you, General Nyland! You know "top notch," indded!

 5     Larry 06/12/2014
Talking to Bobby and Terry made me reminisce the 1960's when I was in Automotive Shop in High School, listening to my teacher spewing information out like he invented the car. I had a great time! When you see knowledge like that, you know you are not dealing with "shadetree mechanic". "Like Us, You'll Love us" rings so true. Thanks Bobby & Terry Regards Larry Reynolds
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Thanks for taking the time to write such great comments, Larry. Terrif!

 5     Michael & Lisa 06/02/2014
I gave a straight five on my responses because I think very highly of the Bobby Likis Car Clinic. However, even though $300 is the industry standard for changing the spark plugs in a Mazda CX9, I would like to see the estimate reflect the loyalty of the customer in conjunction with the skill of the mechanic, in which a skilled mechanic with a lot of experience with this task could do the job in less time than estimated. I would have paid the same price having the spark plugs changed at a Mazda dealership. Thanks for allowing me to comment.
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Always appreciate your comments, Michael & Lisa, and we appreciate your trust as a single-service-provider for your Mazda!

 5     John 05/20/2014
This Invoice pertains to a front wheel alignment conducted on a 2012 Sonata. This Car Clinic alignment corrected a wheel alignment problem that the Hyundai shop was not able to fully correct.
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Yay! We're proud that our state-of-the-art alignment equipment solved your problem! Glad your Accord is running smoothly...and safely.

 5     Berta 05/15/2014
I had never been more satisfied with the quality of work that is been done on my car. Hill Kelly will never see me again at least not for working on my vehicles. I would not only recommend everyone to you but you will be doing the work on my vehicles from now on. I could not be more please! With that being said thank you very much. Berta
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Thank you, Berta! We'll plan to earn your trust with every visit.

 5     Richard 05/06/2014
Brian is THE BEST! He makes things right, listens intently to any issues/problems and ensures things get done. He is the reason why I continue to come to Car Clinic; as Bobby, himself, knows of my situation.
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Glad to have you as our customer, Richard!

 5     Charles 04/10/2014
Great service from great people; don't change a thing! (however, you could provide a few stirrers for your excellent finger won't reach the bottom...). My daughter is now a customer.
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Dr. Bercier, always a pleasure to see you. And thank you for bringing your daughter into the Car Clinic family. p.s. Stirrers restocked and we have an extra batch with your name on it!

 5     Dianne 04/03/2014
Bryan took excellent care of my 12 year old car. Thanks to Bobby Likis, my 2002 Thunderbird is purring like a kitten... and the new horn works beautifully!! Dianne Bruner
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Beep beep! :)

 5     Gene 03/06/2014
Staff is very helpful in getting our newly acquired vehicle integrated into the "pre-repair" program by performing the most-needed fluid replacement services over a three-month period.
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Thx, Gene! The great thing about PreRepair is that it does what we designed it to do...PREvent REPAIR. Glad to work with you to perform the procedures over time.

 5     James 03/04/2014
I am a satisfied customer and really like the mechanics take on things. He paid close attention to my details.My luxury automobile runs like a Rolls Royce.Such workmanship and labor went into fixing my Cadillac.Any way thanks again for being the best of the bay.It's always a pleasure to have master technicians to work on my car.
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Thank you! We're proud of Best of the Bay...and now just voted Best of the Coast! Customer trust is what's the Best in our book.

 5     Morris 02/20/2014
my car is running beutifully
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Just what we like to hear!

 5     Skip 01/02/2014
First I trust you and your service staff..I had a lot of service done..the bill was over$900..did not think it would cost that much, however I appreciate your professional service approach..I will promote your business..thanks..skip larson
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Yes, sir, quality pays for itself over time, and our goal is to make sure you drive - and enjoy - your Mustang for many more years!

 4     Paul 12/12/2016
Overall My experience with Likis was excellent. The work was completed on time and according to the estimate. I appreciated the tech catching my burned-out taillight. I also enjoyed talking to Bobby about the '55 Chevy he is consulting on. My only complaint was that one of my messages left with the front desk did not get delivered to Brennan and there were some other communication issues but I created a problem with regard to ordering a part. So again thanks, and I will be back I am sure. Paul

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